3D laser scanning

We offer 3D precision scanning services for a wide range of applications such as mechanical components, consumer products, archaeological, folklore, modern sculptured artifacts.

High precision 3D scanning

We offer three-dimensional precision scanning services of archaeological, folklore and modern sculptured artefacts. The methods used are non contact, absolutely safe for the items scanned.
The accuracy of replication is 0.050mm-0.080mm for large objects and 0.010mm – 0.020mm for small objects (eg 10x10x10cm).
Our 3D scanning systems enable us to copy large size sculptures of high complexity.
Typical examples of our work are the detailed scanning of the famous Greek Statues of Hermes of Praxiteles.

Hermes of Praxiteles.

Inioxos the Charioteer.

Color Texture mapping

Once the geometry of a sculpture is scanned we can embed on it color and texture information, using high resolution cameras.
The final result of our work is a 3D digital photorealistic model, of the real physical object
The rendered digital model can then be processed in various ways (eg data reduction or compression),
to be used for the development of virtual museum exhibits as well as for the dynamic – interactive digital presentations of statues, via the use of projectors or any other virtual reality media.
The same process can be applied to any object paving thus the way to produce virtual exhibitions
of any consumer products or animated industrial machinery in the internet.

3D Digital restorations

By digitizing fragments of a damaged sculpture, we are able to gradually restore the sculpture into its original form, inside a computer environment.
Over the years we have applied state of the art technology to digitally reconstruct ancient or folk art monuments and artefacts, found in many physical fragments. Once the 3D digital model is complete, we are then able to reproduce it using a variety of materials, in the scale and patina required.

Other 3D scanning related services:

Replicas of artefacts, development of real & virtual museums.

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