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Mini VMC CNC Machine

High Speed Engraving CNC Machine

Benchtop CNC Machine


PF CNC Router

The ideal starter series for semi-professional use in stable frame construction. Compact table-top machine with high stiffness and low weight. An affordable solution for machining small to medium parts.
PF-P series: round guiding and 16 mm ball screw spindles in all axes – extraordinarily in this price range!
Both versions of each available with step motor.


PFK CNC Router

The compact PFK machines have been developed for the semi-professional, industrial user, espacially for milling, engraving and the manufacturing of prototypes. Thanks to the dimension of the PFK series it is also ideal for working at small workplaces. The filigree and accurate processing of your parts is guaranteed by the linear guidings of Bosch and ball screw spindles built in all axes. The PFK can be used espacially for small parts such as jewelry.


PFE CNC Router

The PFE machines are the ideal way to start industrial production, especially developed for milling, engraving and the manufacturing of prototypes as well as for the advertising technics.
Linear guidings of Bosch and ball screw spindles in all axes ensure precise milling, the rugged steel construction ensures a vibration-free operation even at high speeds. In this price range the profitability and efficiency make the PFE to an absolute bestseller.


PFH CNC Router

The new series PFH underlines with its stability and robustness its ability to precision.
The stable X-axis of steel permits use of HF spindles up to 12 KW. The gantry design in the Y-axis and the driven nut in the X-and Y-axis ensure high precision and smooth running in the processing of sheet material.


PFG-S CNC Router

Maximum Processing of large plates: The PFG-S as logical further development of our successful PFG-Series: As our customers have demanded better and better surface qualities even for largest possible panel sizes, now we build our big machines with high-precision ball screw spindles; additionally a driven nut provides better milling results on the surface. For the high production quality guarantees the gantry design, ball screw spindles and the low vibration steel frame construction.


PFX CNC Router

The New PFX Series version 2.0:
Faster and more precise and robust! The driven nut in the X-axis provides for even better milling results. This high performance HSC-machine (High Speed Cutting) has especially been designed for the fast and precise processing of aluminium and also (limited)steel. The PFX-series is highly precise and thanks to its solid steel construction it is extremly buckling resistant and stable.
Thanks to its fixed portal only the table processes, so that there is the advantage that not so huge masses have to be moved and by servo technics speeds up to 30 metres per minute can be achieved.


PFS CNC Router

Our expert for profiles in trade and industry. Our specifically for profile processing tailored CNC machining centers in the PFS series. By the use of ball screw spindles with driven nuts in the X-axis of the PFS series excellent surfaces can be produced during milling. Smoothness and highest accuracy in the processing of work pieces, improved ease of operation and short setup times at an optimum price-performance ratio. So simple and efficient CNC machining can be!


PFU CNC Router

With the series PFU again we can proof the proverbial stability of our machines.
The machines of the PFU-Series have been particularly constructed for a maximum of stability and accuracy and have been manufactured extremely precise. Their steel construction and the used rolling bearing guides from Bosch provide and extremely stable basis for all application areas. With a direct drive via strong step motors the transfer of motor vibrations on the ball screw is effectively avoided. The installed ball screw spindles on all axes provide excellent milling results!


PFU-S CNC Router

The machines of the PFU-S series are designed as a more robust version of the PFU developed series. In the X-axis has been installed while a steel beam that is guaranteed to have less vibration in the CNC machining. On the machines of the PFU-S series it is possible to use 12 KW spindles!

PFA CNC Router

The new standard for precision. The latest development of The PFA series is an economical alternative for the advertising technology. Compare for yourself! The PFA was developed by us in gantry design and with high precision ball screw spindles in the Z-axis. While a Optiscout control is used registration marks recognition is a perfect fit achieved, it is no costly and time-consuming alignment of the printed materials necessary anymore.


VMC CNC Machines

(vertical machining centre)

The new CNC machining centre of the VMC series we can offer you high speed for the processing of work pieces and precision parts for your serial production. The drastic reduction of the processing times achieved by the use of the VMC machines allows a competitive and economic production. VMC stands for high productivity on small space, perfect for small up to medium-sized serial productions. Due to the number of different frame sizes and design options we can calculate your VMC machining centre flexibly and according to your needs.

Meeting your requirements

All are machines are custom made according to customer requirements.


Our components are carefully selected  from prestigious manufacturers such as Bosch for the ultimate robust long lasting machine.


We offer comprehensive training and technical support.

Our CNC Milling Machines are ideal for:
Our customers are to be found in the following fields:

 Prototype manufacturing

 Milling 3D objects

 CNC engraving in 2D and 3D

 Moulds and model building

  2, 3 & 5 axis maching

 Processing of non-ferrous metals, plastic and wood, & some steels

  • Plastic processing industry
  • Aeronautic and space flight
  • Medical technology
  • Automotive industry
  • Advertising technics
  • Private users: model builders, hobbyists
  • Suppliers in general
  • Suppliers for the automative industry
  • Aluminium processing
  • Machines – plant engineering
  • Wood processing industry
  • Electrical industry