The easiest way to scan. Just plug-and-play


There is no need to use a controller with the Solano 3D laser scanner. Just connect it to any type of measuring arm and work with different software applications. The good quality/price ratio of the Solano makes it a must-have of our scanner range. Discover also Solano Lite as the most affordable scanner in the Kreon product range.


40 000 pts/s


30 μm

Laser line width

100 mm


Touch probe integration
Stand-alone or plug-in software
Auto Quality Check
Portable and flexible solution


Plug-and-play (no controller)
Easy to use
Quick set-up
Fast learning

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Solano Lite

Based on the Solano technology, the Solano Lite is efficient, more economic and still compatible with any type of measuring arm.

Technical specifications:

Measurement speed: 24 000 points/second
Accuracy: 40 μm
Laser line width: 100 mm
Stand-off distance: 50 mm

Machine specifications

Machine interface Articulated arms
Probe compatibility under the scanner Hard probe
PC communication Ethernet – External wire communication for the Solano Lite

Scanner specifications

Line resolution 140 µm
Stand-off distance 50 mm
Field of view 100 mm
Temperature compensation Yes
Laser class Red Class 2M