New measuring arm


The best of ACE arm, and even more

The ACE+ arm is our new 3D measuring solution for the most challenging parts. With unprecedented levels of precision, it satisfies all digital needs, for both scanning and probing.

Ace main
Ace main
Ace Gray

Targeted adjustments for increased performances

ISO icon

ISO compliance

Fully compliant with the ISO 10360-12 standard, the ACE+ arm ensures greater precision, more consistent measurements over its volume, and higher repeatability.

Calibration icon

Advanced calibration

A state-of-the-art calibration process makes the ACE+ particularly accurate.

Encoder icon

Optimized encoders

Precision is further enhanced by new ways of optimising the accuracy of the encoders used for the ACE+ articulations.

Ace+ 7 axis

Arm model E Uni P Size P Form L Dia SPAT
Ace+7-25 0.033 mm 0.012 mm 0.022 mm 0.047 mm 0.025 mm
Ace+7-30 0.057 mm 0.017 mm 0.030 mm 0.074 mm 0.039 mm
Ace+7-35 0.067 mm 0.021 mm 0.037 mm 0.089 mm 0.045 mm
Ace+7-40 0.084 mm 0.026 mm 0.042 mm 0.105 mm 0.054 mm
Ace+7-45 0.105 mm 0.040 mm 0.051 mm 0.114 mm 0.067 mm

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