Digital Footwear Creation

Make great footwear – from shoe design to manufacture

Design great footwear – from last creation, complex sole units to custom insoles. Our portfolio of 3D CADCAM footwear and shoe design software helps to take your digital concepts through to manufacturing.

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Footwear design and manufacturing software portfolio

Last engineering

Create, modify, and save digital lasts to a reusable library with 3D last engineering and grading software. Streamline the last creation and reduce the cost and reliance on handmade lasts. Digital modification also ensures accuracy the very first time.


Crispin LastMaker
Digital last creation

Footwear design

Create style lines, upper designs and complex sole units with seamless integration between design packages. Use KeyShot rendering for quick 3D visualization of your designs. VRED virtual prototyping lets you use more complex renderings for concept sign-off and creating marketing materials.

crispin shoemaker

Crispin ShoeMaker
3D concept design and visualization CAD software

crispin sole engineer

Crispin SoleEngineer
3D sole design, engineering, and grading

crispin shoe style

Crispin ShoeStyle
Draw, sketch and edit 3D style lines for automatic flattening


3D visualization presentation, and virtual prototyping software

Footwear manufacturing

Import your 3D designs for automatic flattening and pattern editing for production, with Crispin Engineer. Costing and technical documentation solutions ensure your designs remain in budget, and the final products are manufactured to your exact specifications.

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crispin engineer

Crispin Engineer
Digital pattern engineering and grading

crispin techpac

Crispin TechPac
Technical assembly diagrams

crispin stitch tec

Crispin StitchTec
Stitching pallet engineering

crispin shoe style

Crispin ShoeCost
Complete footwear costing

crispin knife cut

Crispin KnifeCut
Projection nesting and cutting

crispin pattern cut

Crispin PatternCut
Pattern nesting and cutting

Custom footwear and insoles

Digitally scan a foot, make a 3D design, and create custom footwear and insoles for fashion, sport, or orthotics. Our solutions for custom footwear improve design time and accuracy, and are ideal for shoe manufacturers, retail and the foot health industry. Workflow management and order tracking software helps you save time and costs.

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Custom insole design

crispin engineer ortho

Crispin Engineer Ortho
Digital pattern making for orthopedic footwear creation

order manager

Workflow management and order tracking


Custom insole manufacture


3D foot scanning technology


iQube mini
3D foot scanning technology

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