VMC CNC Machine Center

CNC Vertical Machining Center

VMC Workstation SVM1-VMC Series

SVM-1 VMC Workstation is a professional PC control based Mini Vertical Milling CNC. It’s smaller than SVM-2 but all made as standard industrial level VMC. It’s equipped with standard industrial AC SERVO driving BT30 spindle, full linear ways and full AC SERVO 3 axis motion system that normally only be seen on big industrial CNC machines.

SVM-1VMC Workstation comes with Linuxcnc + MESA 7i76e CNC controller installed on a 14″ touch panel tablet industrial computer. Linuxcnc&MESA system is professional and powerful under closed-loop control to support SERVO, ATC, 4/5 axis and rigid tapping etc. high-class functions that can compete most industrial CNC controllers.

The SVM-1 VMC Workstation can handle all materials from Plastic, Aluminium, Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel to Titanium etc. It’s a real industrial level CNC machine to do precision machining works. Typical machining tolerance is <0.02mm.

The VMC CNC workstation is excellent for personal machinists, metal workshops, R&D departments, educations and batch product factories.

High rigid cast iron machine frame
Over 250kgs ageing-treated cast iron frame to prevent losing accuracy by time

Full linear ways and C3 class ground ball screws for all 3 axis
HIWIN™ High precision class linear ways and C3 class ground ball screws for all 3 axis / Z axis enhanced with heavy duty roller type linear way

AC SERVO driving BT30 spindle system with Pneumatic PDB
Industrial precision BT30 spindle unit / High end AC SERVO spindle motor system

AC SERVO 3 axis driving system
AC SERVO motor system for all 3 axis / Run faster, more smoothly and never lose step

Linuxcnc+MESA+touch screen PC based CNC control system
Front industrial touchscreen tablet computer / Keyboard attached / MESA controller with Ethernet port

Full enclosure and integrated coolant&chip removing system
Industrial style full enclosure / Chip drand coolant system built in cabinet stand / Easy moving FOOT MASTER casters

2nd High-speed engraving spindle (optional)
Special optional 2nd engraving spindle for precision 3D engraving works

Harmonic drive 4th/5th axis system (optional)
High accuracy, Zero backlash 4th/5th axis set attachable

BT30-ATC-8T is now available on SVM-1 (optional)
SKYFIRE own developed BT30-8T ATC system / Less weight, full linear ways, optimized for small CNC

Various optional installations, upgrades, tooling and accessories (Please refer to datasheet)
MPG, tool setters, BT30 tool holder series, machine tools etc.
Table Size: 650mm×190mm / 25.6”×7.5”
Table Slots: 3×12mm Slots
Travel Range (X Y Z): 350mm×190mm×300mm / 14.7”×7.5”×11.8”
MAX Spindle Nose to Table: 400mm / 15.7”
MIN Spindle Nose to Table: 100mm / 3.9”
Spindle Center to Column: 230mm / 9”
Max On Table Weight: 50Kgs
Max Feed Rate: 15MPM / 560IPM
Positional Tolerance: 0.005mm/200mm
Repeatable Tolerance: ≤0.005mm
XYZ Traveling Tolerance: ≤0.02mm /200mm
1st Spindle Radio/Axial Run Out: ≤0.008mm at 200mm
1st Spindle Taper: BT30
1st Spindle Speed: 100-8000RPM
1st Spindle Driving System: 2200W AC SERVO Motor System
1st Tool Changing: Air drive power drawbar (ATC optional)
2nd Engraving Spindle System (optional): 24000RPM/800W/ER11 water cooled high speed spindle kit
3 Axis Driving: High Performance AC SERVO driving System
3 Axis Motion: HIWINTM H Class LINEARS for all 3 axis
Ballscrews: C3 Class Ballscrews
Bearings: P4 Class Bearings
CNC Controller: 14” touch screen industrial tablet PC


Axis Driving Power Supply: AC power supply
Relay Output: Integrated and expandable
Power Input: 210-240VAC 50/60HZ Single Phase

(220/380VAC 3-phase optional)

Power Consumption: Typical 5000W
Machine Shell: Full closed enclosure with cabinet stand
Spindle Box Balancing: 2x Nitrogen springs
Lubrication: AUTO centralization lubrication
Work Light: LED work light
Coolant System: Coolant system with swarf drawer integrated
Mist Cooling System: optional
MPG: optional
Air Blow Gun: included
Air Source: >0.5Mpa
Tooling & Accessories: optional (refer to detailed tooling lists)
Other CNC Control System: optional
Overall Dimensions(L*W*H): LWH 850*1400*1700mm
Net Weight: 550kgs
Package Dimensions(L*W*H): LWH 1000*1600*1900mm
Gross Weight: 600kgs
Package Type: Composite Plywood Case
Machine Feet: FOOT-MASTER casters 4pcs
  • HVR-6 6″ Harmonic Drive 4th Axis Set Installation
  • 125mm 3-Jaw Chuck Kit for HVR-6
  • 4″ 5th Axis Kit Installation
  • ATC BT30-8T Auto Tool Changer Installation
  • Handheld MPG
  • 10000RPM BT30 Spindle Upgrade
  • 24000RPM BT30 Spindle Upgrade(support ATC)


  • Change to 24000-36000RPM Metal Engraving Spindle
  • 2nd High-Speed Engraving Spindle Kit
  • Electric Tool Setter Installation
  • Other CNC Controller Solutions please contact us
  • Other Toolings/Accessories please refer to machine DATASHEET or contact us
Vertical CNC machining Center

Vertical Machining Centers

BZT VMC Series CNC Machining Centers

The VMC CNC machining centre of the series from BZT can offer you high speed for the processing of work pieces and precision parts for your serial production. The drastic reduction of the processing times achieved by the use of the VMC machines allows a competitive and economic production. VMS stands for high productivity on small space, perfect for small up to medium-sized serial productions. We can custom build your VMC machine according to your required frame size and design options.

Technical Information
  • 3-axis CNC machining centre with Heidenhain control
  • Ball screw spindles in all axis
  • In all axis: Precision linear slides designed for high speeds
  • Heat exchanger for the control cabinet
  • Short changeover times
  • Robust construction with maximum stability
Special features
  • High speed processing for your serial production
  • At least 12-fold tool changer
  • Heidenhain TNC320 / TNC 620 drive
  • Glass scale Heidenhain
  • HF-Spindle, SK30/SK40, 7,5KW, 10.000rpm, IKZ 20bar
  • Chip conveyor belt, flat-top
  • Workpiece probe TS640 / TT140 Heidenhain
  • Option Touch Probe
  • Handwheel 410 Heidenhain
  • 4. Axis Milling
  • Rinse gun
  • tool set
  • Instruction
Vertical CNC Milling machine

Vertical Machining Center

Nozoli VM Series General Purpose Machining Center

  • To maintain a leading edge in motion control technology, all ball screws are driven by advanced servo systems with closed-loop adaptive tuning and high-resolution feedback to obtain the utmost in system performance and reliability.
  • The box type cross slide surface is precisely hand scraped to ensure best assembling accuracy, rigidity and balanced load.
  • Imported linear rails guidance system guarantees the precision & durability of the machine under heavy load.
  • The large opening on the front of our vertical machining centers gives you more room to load and unload and facilitates easy overhead crane access to load large, heavy parts or fixtures.
  • Rigid work table is capable of machining heavy parts.
  • Complete wash-down system and chip conveyor consisting of a coolant ring which has adjustable nozzles and a dedicated pump system to save time and eliminate costly cleanup.
  • All the machining centre components are analyzed using Finite Element Analysis technology (FEA). The bed and column are designed for optimum rigidity and strength.
  • One-piece bed casting: thick-walled, fine-grain cast iron is used for all the major structural assemblies (base, head stock, and cross slide). The rigid one-piece machine base casting is designed to yield excellent static and dynamic performance in addition to outstanding dampening properties that inhibit thermal deformation and twisting.
  • Table width extends across the entire machines Y-axis to support a wide range of part sizes.
  • Vertical disc type magazine: space between the tool magazine and the worktable efficiently increasing machining space.

Bridge CNC Machining Center

  • Linear rails guidance system from Germany guarantees the precision and durability of the machine under heavy load.
  • Hydraulic balance system.
  • High rigidity roller type linear guide ways on the X, Y axes offer heavy-duty cutting, fast movement and low abrasion capabilities.
  • Uses advanced servo motors ensuring heavy-duty cutting, which enables a 33% increase on energy utilization.
  • The Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis provides optimal machine design with a light weight structure whilst maintaining high machine rigidity.
  • Rib reinforced working table restrains vibration while increasing machining stability.
  • All contact surfaces are specially designed to ensure maximum precision and rigidity.
Technical Specifications
We offer comprehensive training and technical support with all for our CNC machines