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Used dental scanner for sale

Prior to the actual CAD/CAM, there is the digitalisation. The more precisely the digitalisation is, the higher quality the results will have. In this, The dental laser scanner shows its power: At highest precision it scans not only individual dies but also saw cut models and complete jaw models with gingival elements or the structure of implants. This, of course, also includes matchings, mushbites and silicone imprints.

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Key features of the 3D Dental Scanner

  • Easy to use, scans single die to a full jaw
  • “What you see is what you scan”
  • 20 micron precision
  • 5axis for freedom in movement and laserline, ideal for undercuts
  • Saves to Open File Format (STL)
  • Scan time 90 seconds for a single die, 7-15 minutes for a full jaw (start to saved file
  • Flawless quality scan files
  • Proprietry margin line algorithm
  • Scans impresson, bite registration, solid model, cut & trim model, working models (in gypsum or silicon and abutments)
  • Engineered and made in Germany/Switzerland
  • Minimal Calibration maintenance required (10 minutes/week)
  • Small desktop footprint
  • Integrates with DentCAD software

Practice-Oriented for daily work in dental labs

The dental scanner has been developed especially for daily use in dental labs. Its easy menu control ensures productive use even after just short instruction / training.

The actual scanning process is fully automated. Relocation of the dies does not become necessary.

After the scanning process, the image data are not interpolated! Therefore, the laser dental scan indicates clear contours and preparation margins. “What you see will be scanned”.

The high-resolution scan data being output as open STL file allows the possibility of application with many other dental programs such as

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1. Model insertion into the magnetic support

scanbereich markieren 1080x620 ff58cf37

2. Marking of the scanning area

scanvorgang laserlinie 536x308 404b2a7f

3. Automatic scanning process

screenshot nachbearbeitung 1080x620 8704386d

4. Convenient post-processing possibilities

screenshot datenexport 1080x620 c9596067

5. Saving in CAD environment

Advantages of the 3D dental scanner

When scanning, the 3d dental scanner generates millions of datapoints from the jaw model, so your virtual model in the dental CAD software represents a true high precision copy. The scanner’s laser line reaches deep, so it can capture the most important information from the preparation (to recreate the optimum margin line for the Dental CAD software). It saves you time, too.

To scan single dies (stump, abutment, inlay), you no longer need to cut the working model first, You can scan the impression or solid model which is the most precise copy. Only our five axis scanner with the laser line technology reaches the 360 degree range of the prepation and in between teeth, so you don’t have to remove each stump for the scanning!

dental scanner desktop1

Special offer: €6,000 +VAT – Perfect condition second hand machine, for more information: