Eco Package

Baces + Solano

Pack Baces Solano1
  • Eco package  is for budget sensitive projects
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Lightweight for ease of use
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More details about Solano laser scanner

Pro Package

Ace + Solano Blue

Pack Ace Solano
  • Pro package is our mid-range solution, well-adapted for most of your applications
  • Time saving due to accuracy and high data acquisition speed
  • Temperature-compensated arm and Wi-Fi availability for equipment portability
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More details about  Solano Blue laser scanner

Ultimate Package

Ace + Zephyr II Blue

Pack Ace Zephyr
  • Our Ultimate package is fully designed for performance
  • High accuracy and speed
  • This package is the ideal solution for the most challenging situations, including measurement of reflective surfaces
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More details about  Zephyr II Blue laser scanner

Unlimited possibilities

All Kreon scanners are ready to use with our arms

Any combination is possible, so you can make your own arm and scanner package: you can connect any scanner to any arm.
For the best matching of scan performance and cost reduction, we recommend the top level Zephyr II scanner, interfaced with our Baces measuring arm.

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