AirTrack Handheld cmm

AirTrack – Χειροκίνητα Οπτικά CMM

The first integrated contact and non-contact measurement tracking solution

icon quality AirTrack Handheld

Airtrack Handheld is suitable for Kreon Zephyr and Solano range of products. In combination with a hard probe for manual measurement and a Renishaw trigger probe (TP 2/20/200), it becomes a unique solution for geometric and freeform inspection applications.

AirTrack Handheld optical CMM is well adapted for large measuring volume

from 10 to 35 m³


Kreon scanners’ accuracy and speed

All Kreon scanners can be mounted on the handle, so they can give all their power to the AirTrack Handheld solution. Blue laser, speed (up to 250.000 pts/sec) and accuracy (up to 10 µm) help you to deal with the most complex surface including the shiny and multimaterial parts.

Lightweight and ergonomic handle

AirTrack Handheld is a very lightweight portable CMM: 1000g with Zephyr II Blue and 810g with Solano Blue. Its handle is ergonomic and the scanning has never been so effortless. The handle is just connected by a cable offering important freedom of mouvement. The system is also equipped with a wrist strap for more security and to preserve the scanner from accident.

Probing and scanning in the same software program

By default, all Kreon scanner can be connected with a probe under them. Then scanning and probing can be executed at the same time in the same software. For example, the scanning of one part during the identical measurement process, can be used for free form shape control and probing of geometrical entities inspection.

AirTrack eclate

Dynamic Part Referencing (DPR)


With DPR, an operator can simultaneously move the part, fixture or scanner, even the Optical Tracker itself, and the system will maintain an accurate alignment. Unwanted motion and vibrations are continuously measured and subtracted, without operator intervention.



The MultiTRAK supports two or more Optical Trackers within a single measurement volume. MultiTRAK cells increase productivity by enlarging the measurement volume to surround large parts with a single setup. Probes, scanners or tracking targets move seamlessly through the unified measurement volume using a single software measurement plan.

Technical specifications

AirTrack 1000
AirTrack 2000
AirTrack 3500
Measurement Volume
1.5m to 4.5m (10m³)
1.5m to 6m (20m³)
1.5m to 7.5m (35m³)
Single Point Accuracy
Up to 20 µm
Up to 20 µm
Up to 20 µm
Volumetric Accuracy
80 µm + 2.5L/100
95 µm + 2.5L/100
110 µm + 2.5L/100