One hand use
Skiron laser scanner
USB Connection

Microscribe arm with Skiron scanner

The most compact solution with a Kreon scanner

The Kreon Skiron laser scanner interfaced on Microsribe G2 and MX arms is acompact, lightweight and easy to use solution for all 3D digitizing needs.The Scantools software is included in this package to combine non-contact digitization and hard-probing. Moreover, the system integration in the Kreon plug-in for Geomagic Control, Wrap and Design X meets all the requirements of demanding applications of inspection or reverse engineering.

Skiron and Microscribe benefits:

  • Easy set-up
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Lightweight for easy transport
  • Accurate and long running
  • Robust
microscribe small object scanner

Technical specifications:

Skiron / Microscribe KS75 / MX KS75 / MLX KS75 / G2X KS75 / G2LX
Axes 6
Working volume 1.27 m 1.67 m 1.27 m 1.67 m
Accuracy 0.090 mm 0.110 mm 0.270 mm 0.340 mm
Scanning speed 45 000 pts/s  45 000 pts/s  45 000 pts/s  45 000 pts/s


optional carry case

Optional carry case