Baces arm

Lightweight measuring arm


Ace arm

Smart design meets accuracy



Arm/software compatibility


Scan Probe
Polygonia icon OK icon OK
3D Reshaper icon OK icon KO
ArcoCAD icon OK icon OK
Axel icon KO icon OK
CAPPS icon KO icon OK
Geomagic icon OK icon OK
Inca3D icon OK icon OK
Metrolog XG + X4 icon OK icon OK
PointMaster icon OK icon OK
Polyworks icon OK icon OK
PowerINSPECT icon OK icon OK
PowerSHAPE icon KO icon OK
ScanTools icon OK icon OK
SpatialAnalyser icon OK icon OK
TeZetCAD icon OK icon OK
Verisurf icon OK icon OK
RationalDMIS icon KO icon KO

Calibration kit

We offer our distributors a calibration kit allowing them to provide calibration services for customers’ arms.

Calibration kit includes:

  • a twin pedal
  • a magnetic support
  • a calibration bar
  • an adaptor for Ace and Baces connection
kit de calibration

Scanning arm configuration

With the help of Renishaw connector, all Kreon scanners can plug easily with our arms. It would never be so fast to switch from a probing arm to a scanning arm and vice versa.

bras renishaw

We control the assembly of Kreon products and calibrate them at every stage, to provide the best quality systems, in accordance with
ASMEB89.4.22-2004 standard.

Other accessories

We have a range of other accessories which can be delivered with an arm. You can see the recommended examples of tripods, which are helpful for stable measurements:


Tripod Lightweight aluminium TETRALOCK 400S D

Tripod Lightweight
400S-D (pads)
75-119 cm – 9.6 kg

Tripod Lightweight Graphite MGS2000SF

Tripod Lightweight
(pads and points)
62-97 cm – 13.2 kg

tripod 230 F heavy duty stand black

Tripod  Heavy 230F24
61 cm – 97 kg
and 230F 36: 91 cm – 117 kg