Product Design

We design and develop new products, including their branding and packaging, if required. The focus of our efforts is to bring a new product into market quickly, reduce labour, tooling and manufacturing costs. The product can be a mechanical component, an art or craft item, or a complete mechatronic device, whose development may involve know how from mechanical engineering, electronics, sensors, software, control systems, materials selection, etc.

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Research & Development

At the start of each project we aim to clarify the market needs and the product specifications, in close collaboration with our clients. When these issues are resolved, we commence generating alternatives concepts of possible product solutions. For our modelling needs, we use in-house, state of the art, a range of solid modelling systems. The 3D modelling process is repeated in all design stages (i.e. from abstract conceptual modelling, embodiment, analytic, down to manufacturable geometry).

3D Visualization to Physical Prototype

Product concepts are presented to the interested parties in 3D photorealistic animated forms. In this way, we communicate with our clients more effectively and converge quickly to an improved and final product proposition. Our company’s manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art rapid prototyping, CNC, vacuum casting, rotational casting, metrology, 3D laser scanning systems, and various other auxiliary tools. We produce precise prototype physical parts for evaluation and communication purposes, at any point during the design cycle, up to final end user products. For the construction process, we use a wide range of materials (eg resins, wood, metal, plastic, wax, etc).

3D Printing
3d printed prototype

Industries we've worked with

promotional gift design

Promotional items

Design and manufacture of original, custom-made business gifts, for large company promotional campaigns, ceremonial events, awards and more.
Using state of the art, 3D modelling systems we can concepts into reality. The material of the final product can be anything; (eg wood, metal, plexiglass, glass, plastic, precious metals, resin etc). The delivered quantities can vary from one to thousands of pieces.

info kiosk design

Infokiosk Systems

Our infokiosk systems are robust, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive to use and based mainly on touch screen technologies (eg resistive, capacitive and acoustic wave).
Each infokiosk system is parameterized to the specific needs of the customer and it is possible to be powered by solar membranes or panels, if located in remote areas and is necessary to be autonomous and energy wise.
Our infokiosk are made from a combination of Steel, Aluminium, aluminium composites, Plexi-glass, Wood etc.

solar street light

Amenities for Public Spaces

We engage in the design of artefacts and objects to be used as amenities for public spaces.
The items we design and construct can be from a wide range of materials including marble, wood, polycarbonate, aluminium, steel, bio-resins, etc.
Apart from the aesthetics we also focus on the ergonomics, ease of assembly, low maintenance costs, safety and vandal resilient design solutions. The materials we prefer to use as our first choice, are recyclable.

jewelry design

Jewellery Design

We design and manufacture prototype jewellery items from a wide range of materials including Silver, Steel, Titanium, brass, wood (e.g. olive wood), resins, etc. The proposed jewellery concepts may be based on a wide variety of themes, stemming from the natural environment, abstract art, transformations or scaling of existing sculptures, photographs, promotional company needs, memorial events etc.

Medical Devices

Medical Devices

We create new tools & devices for various medical applications.
As well as a wide range of other products ranging from simple mechanical devices, artistic objects through to complex mechatronic products, the operation may combine elements of mechanical engineering, electronics, sensors, software, control systems, using a wide range of different materials.

mechanical assemblies

Mechatronics components

Other applications: Wooden sculptures, mechanical parts, assemblies, medical devices, mechatronic components & much more.

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