Reverse Engineering Services

Our company offers reverse engineering services, these include precision 3D scanning and measurements, point interpolation and surface or solid modelling reconstructions, of a wide range of shapes. To achieve the required precision we use state of the art 3D Laser Scanning systems, Portable coordinate measuring systems (portable CMM’S) and specialized CAD/CAE software.

To complete our projects, part of the work may involve materials analysis and identification. This is done by our partnering companies who are materials specialists. The outcome of a reverse engineering project could be the precise reproduction of a damaged mechanical component, sub-assembly or complete mechanical / mechatronics system, a piece of sculpture, craft items etc.

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reverse engineering component inspection

3D Inspections

Using state of the art 3d laser scanning metrology equipment & specialist CAE software tools, we are able to copy or assess complex single mechanical parts through to complete mechanical assemblies.

3D Inspection services