Vacuum & Rotational Casting

We manufacture hollow objects in small quantities (e.g. from 1- 200 pieces at a time), with dimensions which start from few cms to two meters in height and one meter (max) in diameter, using a variety of different materials, including synthetic gypsum, resins, wax, etc. These items could be Museum Sculptured Replicas, new decorative and functional hollow items for homes (eg. table lamps bodies), children toys and many other industrial items (eg special applications plastic containers).

The materials used for our hollow casting productions include Ordinary Gypsum, Synthetic Gypsum, resins of various types, cement and any other conceivable other cast-able material which can be worked at room temperature.

Vacuum Casting

The original items that we manufacture are the basis for the manufacture of silicone molds. Silicone Molds are used in vacuum casting systems to produce copies using various materials. With these molds, our company is able to produce in small quantities (100 – 200) copies of high quality, high precision and durability.The materials that can be used for vacuum casting are: wax, plaster, resins & wide range of polyurethane.

Rotational Casting

By the method of rotational casting we can manufacture round hollow objects that can be sculpted artworks, copies of ancient statues, toys etc. The materials we can use by this method include art gypsum, synthetic gypsum, a large range of two-component resins and other materials that can be used in liquid form prior to solidify.The sizes of the objects we can build are between 15 cm and 1.8 m (height) and have maximum diameter of 0.8-0.9 m. After construction we can apply the appropriate patina.