External connector for a full versatility
Renishaw connector
Red laser
Probe attachment
LED for field visualization

Zephyr II 3D scanner

Accurate and as fast as your hand

icon quality zephyr

Fast, accurate, versatile, the Zephyr II 3D scanner meets all the requirements of demanding measurements. Moreover, the AQC feature (Auto Quality Check) brings the measurement quality under control of the user. Zephyr II 3D scanners can be integrated on any system: measuring arm, CMM or even robot.

All CMMs can work with this 3D scanner.

The software and controllers in the list below ensure a complete compatibility.

Software: Metrolog, ArcoCAD, Capps DMIS, Rational DMIS, Inca3D etc.

Laser color ZIIBlue

Zephyr II Blue 3D scanner, with a blue laser, provides a higher level of accuracy and deals easily with reflective surfaces.

Max speed

250,000 pts/sec



Max laser line width



  • Main market arms compatibility
  • Ready for CMM retrofit
  • Stand-alone or plug-in software
  • Auto Quality Check
  • Renishaw versatility


  • Very high scanning speed and frequency
  • Time gain due to reduced number of scan passes
  • Easy scanning of reflective surfaces
zephyr 2 Ace design

Ace Zephyr II scanning arm

By combining Ace arm with Zephyr II scanner, we implement a new design, inspired by the Ace shape, in red and black.

More information about the ace arm

Machine specifications

Machine interface
Articulated arms, CNC, machine tools, manual and driven CMMs
Renishaw compatibility
MIH,PH10 T, PH10M/MQ Multiwire and IS1-2
Probe compatibility under the scanner
Hard probe, Renishaw TP 2/20/200
Typical probing error (MPEp)
15 µm
Multi-stylus test accuracy (MPEal)
20 µm
PC communication

3D scanner specifications

Line resolution
80 µm
Stand-off distance
95 mm
Field of view
130 mm
Temperature compensation
Laser class
Red, Class 2M